Top 10 famous scenic spots in Cambodia

Top 10 most famous scenic spots in Cambodia’s tourist places should not be ignored if the country had the opportunity to travel and temples. 1. Siem Reap Siem Reap is the fastest growing city in Cambodia and is the town’s most charming gateway to a lot of ancient temples, bustling night markets and hostel system, international standard hotel.     ... Read More »

Iran, Iraq will become a famous tourist destination in the future?

30 years ago, nobody thought that Vietnam, the Czech Republic and South Africa may become a popular vacation spots today. So the next 30 years, the attractions will be a surprise for the tourists? 80s of last century, Vietnam was recovered after long time of war, living conditions of the people’s difficulties. Czech time before the Velvet Revolution was closed ... Read More »

Israel travel experience safe, economical and fun

Although located near the “hot spots” of hostilities as Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip, but Israel … is still one of the most popular tourist spot in the world, especially pilgrims. If you are intending to travel, pilgrimage to this holy land experience the safest tourism following Israel is essential. Israel Travel Experiences Israel should travel in time? Israel’s Mediterranean ... Read More »

10 tourist destination “rigorous”

Telegraph has released a list of 10 countries in which to travel, you are required to adhere to the principles and routines in place that   Stretching waters between the islands, so there are local customs need to consider when to travel here. Scantily clad is considered illegal in many countries of the Caribbean, not excluding the children, for example, ... Read More »

7 famous tourist destination in Germany

Here, the European Tour would like to share with you seven famous tourist attractions in Germany that you should know and should go. It really is a great destination in Germany. 1. Berlin Berlin – Germany Berlin is the capital of Germany. Come to Berlin, you can visit many interesting attractions such as remnants of the Berlin Wall, Potsdamer Platz, ... Read More »

10 Korean tourist destination not to be missed

50 years after the civil war caused heavy casualties, South Korea has grown rapidly with the advanced urban as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon … However, the Korea Tourism also has unique natural scenery to attract tourists. Especially the filming location for Korean dramas popular throughout Asia and became the proud sights of Korean tourism. 10 Korean tourist destination not to ... Read More »

10 most expensive destinations world

You are a tourist favorite and “vibrate” money? It was indeed a great thing, because when you like, you just sort luggage and hit the road, whether you choose to be luxurious places like. Bora Bora is an island in French Polynesia, France, just one night in this beautiful city you will have to spend about $ 801 (about 17 ... Read More »

The most gruesome attraction challenges you to explore the world

Attractions “bizarre” This ensures that your spine cool off, but also stimulate the curiosity of those who prefer the discovery.   1. Island Doll Dolls are everywhere on the island. Doll island deep in the swamps of the lands belonging to the ancient Aztec empire. Currently uninhabited islands, but previously it had a live person. His name was Don Julian ... Read More »

Beauty World 1 tourist destination everyone’s ideal

Want to explore the world with beautiful scenery? Let’s explore 1 World Beauty ideal tourist destination of people to get a great destination offline! Beauty World Great Barrier Reef (Australia) Great Barrier Reef’s coral reef system of the world’s largest, covering about 3 thousand individual reefs and 900 islands, stretching 2,600 km, covering an area of 244,400 km2 area ... Read More »